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Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC provides a comprehensive range of services to help small business owners and home-based professionals run their businesses efficiently by handling all of their administrative tasks virtually without the cost of an on-site employee. Whether you need full-service administrative support across the board in all aspects of your business, or occasional support for a specific function or project, we are experienced professionals with the skills needed to help you succeed in reaching your goals.

Below are the areas in which we can assist you.  Click on the link within each area to see a complete list of the services we provide.

Executive Administrative Assistance
Full-service administrative and business support

With today's technology, many of the administrative tasks and responsibilities that are provided by an on-site employee serving in the role of Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, or Office Manager in a Corporate environment can easily be provided to you remotely in a Virtual environment -- with the same level of efficiency, professionalism, and confidentiality.  Learn more >

Transcription Services
Academic | Business | Corporate

Do you conduct meetings that need to be documented?  Do you dictate your notes, ideas, letters, reports, or record interviews and need a skilled professional to transcribe and format them to typewritten copy?  Do you conduct teleseminars and want a transcript of the recording?  We can transcribe your dictation or recordings from cassette tapes or digital MP3 files to typewritten copy, formatted to your specifications. Learn more >

/projects2/1/8/7/4/1494781/images/rolodex_pu23.jpgContacts Management Services
Database Set up | List Maintenance | Mailing Services 

Do you have a stack of business cards piling up, but don’t have the time to enter them into your contacts database? Do you send out mailings to your list of customers and prospects?  We can help you set up and maintain a contacts database management system to keep everything organized in one place, and coordinate and manage your direct mail campaigns from start to finish. Learn more >

j0303000.jpg Stay in Touch Program
Relationship Marketing | Card and Gift Sending Services

Do you have good intentions of keeping in touch with clients and prospects to build and maintain the relationship with them, but put it off because you think it's time-consuming and expensive?  We have the ideal solution that will enable you to keep in touch efficiently and cost-effectively through a unique card/gift sending system that is so powerful, easy to do, and affordable, you won’t want to run your business without it.  Learn more >    

How to Get Started Working Together

The first step in the Getting Started Process is to schedule a Get Acquainted Phone Consultation. To do this, simply fill out the Get Acquainted Phone Consultation Pre-Call Form, then follow the instructions provided to schedule the phone appointment via my online appointment scheduling system. 

During the call, we will discuss your situation, and talk about how I may be able to assist you with your current administrative needs.  If we decide together that we are a good match, we will continue to the next step in the process. 
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