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Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC is aware of the often ‘sensitive’ nature of our clients’ work. All of our services are performed on a strictly confidential basis. When you work with us, you can trust us to preserve the integrity of your work at all times.

Transcription Services
Academic | Business | Corporate

Do you have monthly meetings that need to be documented?  Do you love to dictate your notes, ideas, correspondence or reports, but don't have the time to transcribe them to typewritten format?  Do you record interviews, but need a skilled professional to transcribe and format them to typewritten copy?  Do you conduct teleseminars and need a transcript of the recording? 

No worries.  Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC can help you by transcribing your dictation or recordings from cassette tapes or digital audio files to typewritten copy, formatted to your specifications. We have the attention to detail and skills required to produce accurate transcripts of your taped recordings, and provide timely delivery. 

What We Transcribe

If you can say it, we can transcribe it.  We specialize in personal, academic, business, and corporate transcription services. We deliver consistent, accurate transcripts on time and at very competitive rates.
Our transcription diversity includes experience in the following:
  • Business Transcription: Covers all types of voice dictation recordings: Correspondence, notes, business reports, manuscripts, field notes, inspections, evaluations, oral histories, depositions, and more.
  • Corporate Transcription:  Covers all types of corporate transcription recordings: Meetings, Seminars, Workshops, Training Sessions, Conferences, Lectures, and more.
  • Interview Transcription:  We can transcribe one-on-one and multi-speaker recordings for graduate students, police reports, insurance investigations, business reports, and more.
  • Academic Transcription: Lectures, seminars, conferences, interviews, research notes, thesis/dissertation reports, and more.
  • Personal Transcription   We love transcribing the stories of real people.  We can also transcribe memoir notes, things to do/reminder notes, and more. 
  • Teleseminar/Webinar Transcription: We can transcribe your audio recordings and provide you with a transcript to use for reference, planning, or other purposes as needed.
We can transcribe just about anything you send our way!  We love to type and enjoy the work.  You can request a short sample transcription with commentary if you'd like to get a better idea of how we work (and we highly recommend doing this if you have a longer project as many clients find it very helpful).

Media Sources

Monarch Virtual Assistance LLC can transcribe from analog or digital sources such as, micro-cassette tapes, standard cassette tapes, and MP3 audio files.  For those clients who require digital transcription, we have an easy to use FTP upload page located in the Client Log-In section.  Once you establish service with us, you will be given access to this private area designated just for clients, where you will have all the tools you need to work with us.

Transcription Formats
  • Verbatim Transcriptions:  A verbatim transcription is a word for word conversion of audio to text. This format includes all sentence fillers and false starts. A verbatim transcription is usually considered when there is an analysis of communication (e.g., Depositions).
  • Semi-Verbatim Transcriptions: A semi-verbatim transcription is a word for word conversion that eliminates the sentence fillers and false starts. This type of transcription is usually considered when the bottom line of the sentence is required (e.g., Interviews, Focus Groups, etc.).

  • Summary Transcriptions: A transcription summary is an edited version to present a grammatically correct document. This type of transcript is usually considered when every word is unimportant but the gist of the matter counts (e.g., Meetings).
Transcription Delivery

We offer free pick-up and delivery in our immediate area if you want hard copies delivered to your office.  We are also equipped to both send and receive data files electronically via FTP download, E-mail and fax.

How to Get Started Working Together

The first step in the Getting Started Process is to schedule a Get Acquainted Phone Consultation. To do this, simply fill out the Get Acquainted Phone Consultation Pre-Call Form, then follow the instructions provided to schedule the phone appointment via my online appointment scheduling system. 

During the call, we will discuss your situation, and talk about how I may be able to assist you with your current administrative needs.  If we decide together that we are a good match, we will continue to the next step in the process. 
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